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We are excited to research and help you compare your dog surgery cost, cat surgery cost or treatment and find you an estimate to fit your budget.


What to expect.

You provide us with detailed information regarding your pet's case using our Service Request Form. The more detailed your information is, the better we can secure accurate estimates.  Once we receive your info, we touch base with you to ensure we have all the required information.


If you let us know your budget from the beginning it will facilitate our ability to assist you in finding low cost surgeries and treatments to fit your budget. As soon as we have your complete information, and depending on each case, we may provide quotes in as early as 2 hours.


In some cases, when treatment may not be urgent we may take as long as 48 hours to receive quotes and provide them back to you. Estimates are good for 7 days unless prior arrangements are made.


All estimates are based on the information you provided us with. When you arrive at the clinic, the doctor will share any concerns about your pet or any unanticipated costs that may be required.


We will ask for a small referral fee ($35) in order for us to keep helping pet owners find low cost surgeries and affordable solutions to their expensive veterinary medical bills.

Still have more questions?

Contact us so we may address them!


If you're not ready to submit a Service Request Form, contact us by email or phone and we will gladly answer any remaining questions you may have.




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